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Having developed our skills within both leading private studios and major public institutions, our collective expertise spans the centuries from early renaissance and old master paintings to modern and contemporary works. Adopting a minimally interventive approach wherever possible, we are equipped to tackle the most complex treatments with sensitivity and informed judgement. Continuous engagement with the professional community ensures that our practice and knowledge remain current.

Condition Reports

Whether for a sale, loan or private collection, we provide well-considered condition reports tailored and formatted for your needs.

Conservator condition checking fine art painting on easel with torch
Collection care tools for conservation of paintings and fine art

Collections Care

With experience of caring for both public and private collections, we are aware of the challenges of storing and displaying artworks in various settings. From environmental surveys to Integrated Pest Management (IPM), we can tailor and implement a collections management programme that will ensure the best conditions for your artworks. We can also undertake collections assessments for auditing purposes, or long term collections care monitoring.


We partner with other companies and institutions to provide expert technical analysis. X-radiography and infra-red imaging, along with pigment or medium analysis and dendrochronology help us to gain a deeper understanding of art-works and their condition, composition or provenance.

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Courier service, technicians moving fine art painting Oak Fine Art Services

Courier Service

We offer a ‘best practice’ courier service to satisfy insurance requirements; travelling nationally and internationally with your artworks to ensure correct handling whilst in transit, providing a full condition check at their destination.


Drawing on our diverse experience, we can devise and deliver training sessions for gallery or in-house staff covering topics relating to collections care, including condition checking and Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Conservator training staff in front of contemporary painting
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